Team:Gaston Day/Collaborations

Duke IGEM team

In iGem this year, our team has reached out to the Duke University and collaborated with their team. Members of Team Duke have visited Gaston Day School and held meeting with us to discuss our projects. We interchanged opinions about each other’s projects, and one of the members of Team Duke, who graduated from Gaston Day iGEM Team, volunteered to become a communication bridge between our team and Duke. Team Duke will provide us competent cells and help us with transformation of colicin from original stocks into plates that contain antibiotic resistance.

Building with Biology at Schiele Museum and Surveys

We received a grant from Building With Biology that allowed us to provide bioengineering knowledge in an entertainable way to local community. We communicated with The Schiele Museum of Natural History & Planetarium and cooperated together to hold some educational events. The Schiele Museum hosted our hands-on activities on Sunday Sept. 25 and the discussion-based forum on Thursday September 29.

We have received several surveys to fill out from different teams, including University of Virginia, Munich United and a program named “Enabling Factors in biotech”. By completing the surveys, we provide valuable information for their projects.