Team:Gaston Day/Safety


At the end of every IGEM day, we bleach the tables with 10% bleach and properly dispose of tips, gloves, and centrifuge tubes.The biology room stays locked when not in use. Every form of bacteria disposed by the lab is disinfected with 10% bleach. Containers, tubes, and tips are also disinfected by either 10% bleach or 15 minutes in a pressure cooker at 15 psi.

Every IGEM member was trained by Anne Byford, our supervisor, in safety and lab procedures and how to work with hazardous chemicals and bacteria. Anne Byford looks over our experiments and procedures, answers all our questions, and spent 10 years in a genetics lab before coming to Gaston Day. When working, we wear the proper aprons, safety glasses, and gloves. We wash our hands every time we leave the lab and are not allowed to eat or drink inside the lab. We were also taught how to operate the eyewash station and chemical shower in case of emergency. No experiment takes place without the supervision of Anne Byford or one of the IGEM leaders. All new members are taught through experience and closely supervised until they understand the procedures. Because we work in a high school lab, we work under Biosafety Level 1.