Members of the Genspace iGEM team did all the part design, wet lab work, wiki development, and will do the poster and presentation material generation. Mentors offered advice and training in both lab safety and lab techniques and proofed the final submissions (wiki, registry) but did not participate in lab work. DNA that our team modified to make into BioBrick parts and composite parts were synthesized for us by IDT. A member of Genspace (Ali Schachtschneider, a professional designer) who is not on the team helped us design the team logo.


* Most team members attended the 3 human practice events.



Dr. David Matus
Gave us access to his lab at Stony Brook University including access and training on a micro-injector.
Abraham Kohrman
Stony Brook graduate student who assisted us with access and training on a micro-injector.
Ali Schachtschneider
Immense amount of help with branding & logo design. Overall served as design consultant for our team.
Thanks to Bedstuy New Beginnings Charter School (BNBCS) for partnering us on the 'Building with biology' event.