Team:Guanajuato Mx/Attributions

iGEM Guanajuato Mx


Molecular Assays

Samantha Maldonado worked on the initial part of the project (April-May 2016), next Gabriela Gaytán and Monserrat Venegas (Agrogenomic Sciences Students), Cristina Rincón, Isamar Sánchez and Flor Gutiérrez (Experimental Biology and Degree in Food Students), Elizabeth Lozano and Mijael Torres (Biotechnological Engineer Students) and Aidée Rodríguez (Biotechnology Engineer Student) worked in the Lab until July with the support and advisory of Luz Casados and Eleazar Barboza (Instructor and Primary PI of the team), The program “Veranos de Investigacion Cientifica” from University of Guanajuato gives an amount of money to the project, for that we are so grateful.

Patch Research

Experiments, design and research of polymer science and technology were performed by all the Team Students of the National Polythecnic Institute and mentoring of corresponding Instructors. Thanks for all the support to Concepción Arenas (PhD) of ENES UNAM

Human Practices

Human practices were performed by all team members, coordinated by
  • Meetup: Members of IPN with Abril Diosdado and Uriel Barboza.
  • Elementary Schools Visits: Members of IPN.
  • High School Visit: Isamar Sánchez
  • BioHacker Space:
  • Hospital Visit and Interview: Abril Diosdado


Poblational Analysis

This model was performed by Ramon Villanueva (Physicist, PhD Student), Rodolfo Ferro (Math Student), Irvin Martinez (Physics Student), biological assays were done by Isamar Sanchez and Cristina Rincon (Experimental Biology Students) in the Laboratory of Molecular Biotechnology and Microbiology of University of Guanajuato.

Concentration Profile Analysis

This model was performed by advisory and mentoring of Alfredo Hernandez (PhD) titular professor of Biotechnology and Farmacy Deparment of the National Polythecnic Institute of Mexico campus Guanajuato and Member Students of the Institute.


With the help of the team Biosint Mexico we get the parts for this competition, because our iGEM package didn't get into the lab, so Aide Rodriguez and Uriel Barboza in Queretaro worked all August and September.


Thanks to our institutions for all the help and support, and also to the regional concil of science and technology and the local institute of Youth. In addition thanks to all who share, know and support our project.