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Team:HokkaidoU Japan


We carried out these activities as follows to let people know about synthetic biology and iGEM activities.
  • Workshop at university festival
  • Lecture at OpenCampus
  • Broadcasting on Radio PPl Jepang
  • Putting introduction about iGEM on school newsletter

According to the survey conducted last year, iGEM activities are not known well enough so it is difficult to develop iGEM. We want to let a wider range of people know about iGEM and synthetic biology.
This year, we broadcast a talk about synthetic biology and iGEM toward people in Japan and Indonesia on Radio PPI Jepang and wrote an introduction about iGEM for a school newsletter called "Gakunavi" in addition to a workshop at the university festival and a lecture for high school students as usual.

We believe many students are interested in iGEM and want to be an iGEMer.