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Principal investigators

Asst. Prof. D. K. Saini

Prof. Umesh Varshney


Dr. Srinath. T.

Dr. Narmada Khare






From the team

We are a group of undergraduate students from different fields with a common interest in biology.

Arunavo Chakraborty


Year: 3rd, Major: Chemistry; Minor: Biology
"I am a chemistry enthusiast with a recent inclination toward biology. What excites me the most about field is the incredible plethora of chemical reactions in biological systems that would (and do) give any chemist a run for their money. Currently, the topics that interest me are enzyme mechanics, peptide design and biomimetic chemistry. My (only) other companions are select manga and MMO (note, not RP) games."


Abhijeet Krishna


Year: 3rd, Major:Physics
"Hello! I have always believed that simple scientific ideas can influence society greatly and that is exactly what I am trying to show in iGEM. I am married to Physics and have an affair with Biology. I am a Calvin and Hobbes fan and can’t resist kebabs."


Prabaha Gangopadhyay


Year: 3rd, Major: Biology
"I like learning about mechanisms underlying the existence of life. I find myself comfortable in the overlap of theoretical and experimental biology, because of the extreme interdisciplinary nature of the area, and being at IISc has allowed me to explore it. I am interested in doing my final year project, and eventually my PhD, in Neuroscience. Other than science, I love literature, classical music, and, like any other undergrad, food!"


Shreyas Gopalakrishnan


Year: 3rd, Major: Biology; Minor: Physics
"I am interested in the problems in biology, but using a variety of physical and other methods/approaches to show consistent, robust and reproducible results. Recently, I also became interested in designing experiments, especially in stem cell biology and cell imaging. I'd like to learn general principles from diverse areas of science so that I can apply them in biology. In my free time, I listen to generic pop music."


Aiswarya Prasad


Year: 2nd, Major:Undecided (Biology, eventually)
"I have always been most fascinated by how life works, by virtue of nothing more than 'molecules'. I enjoy learning and thinking about most things that even remotely belong in the realm of science. I wish to pursue whatever it is that intrigues me most, wherever that takes me. I also enjoy reading, classical music and occasionally gaming."


Ayan Das


Year: 2nd, Major: Unassigned. (Most likely Biology)
"I am mostly interested in biology but with a strong inclination towards maths and computation. Papers that don't have equations bore the life out of me! I easily get interested in just about anything. I have no concrete plans for the future. At the moment, I'm just enjoying everything that I am getting to learn. Apart from science, I like writing and playing the keyboard (which I have just started learning). Hopefully, I'll contribute something significant to the scientific community some day."


Aneesh Baburaj


Year: 2nd, Major:Unassigned.
"I believe that every living being is a complex machine which needs to be understood and synthetic biology permits that by mimicing events and organisms. And that's why I find biology very intriguing."



Year: 2nd, Major: Most likely biology.
"I am interested in biology and chemistry, many people tell me that everything in the world is maths rest are all applications of it but these very applications are so amazing and complex that people are amazed how organisms have evolved to be so smart."


Asst. Prof. Deepak K. Saini


Assistant Professor at Department of Molecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics also Associate Faculty (Biosystems Science and Engineering) Indian Institute of Science.


Prof. Umesh Varshney


Professor at the Microbiology and Cell Biology Department, Indian Institute of Science.


Dr. Srinath Thiruneelkantan


U.G. biology instructor IISc. He was very helpful in brainstorming sessions and in troubleshooting.


Dr. Narmada Khare


U.G. biology instructor IISc. She was very helpful in brainstorming sessions and in troubleshooting.


Chaitra Prabhakar


Ph. D. student in NCBS, Bangalore, India. The team received help during its brainstorming sessions.


Sachit Daniel


Ph. D. student in NCBS, Bangalore, India. Helped the team in its brainstorming sessions.