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Competing in the premiere student competition in Synthetic Biology

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We are...

mathilde gonthier img

Mathilde Gonthier


I am a fifth year student in Biochemistry and Biotechnologies at INSA Lyon. I discovered the iGEM competition in 2013 while I was providing support for the European Jamboree organization.
Instantaneously, I was attracted by the scientific aspects of the concept as well as the human ones. Thus, I joined the 2016 iGEM team in order to learn how to elaborate a project from the subject's definition to the experiences and the presentation of the results. During the summer, I specifically worked on fluorescence revelation, streptavidin part design and characterization, cloning experiments and final parts characterization tests. During my leisure time, I love traveling and practicing sports like dance.

julien orlans img

Julien Orlans


I am a fifth year student in Biochemistry and Biotechnologies at INSA Lyon and in Bioinformatics at the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1. Since I heard about synthetic biology and all its possibilities, I wanted to take part in a project from scratch and build a complete system. That’s why I joined the iGEM team INSA Lyon 2016 in order to realize this ambition. During this summer, I worked on the molecular modelling of the 3D structures of our different aptamers and on the homology modelling of our protein of interest.

louis becquey img

Louis Becquey


4th year student in biosciences, and now ported on bio-informatics and mathematical modelling, I have heard about the iGEM several times last years and always wanted to join a team. This year, I tried ! I am glad to help the team making real discoveries after a modelling work and numerical calculations. The tool we built to compute the most probable aptamer structures was one of the first great bio-informatics project I contributed to. This iGEM contest experience was therefore a good training exercise of teamwork and software development.

gianina ungurean img

Gianina Ungurean


I am a fifth year student in the department of Biochemistry and Biotechnologies at INSA Lyon. I am a person who enjoys challenges and a place in my university iGEM team fits me. Having to build a project from scratch motivated me and indeed, in the end this project turned out to be a very enriching experience. Apart working on molecular cloning, I was also able to use my passion for visual arts in the benefit on the project. I worked on the molecular animation and I was also in charge with the Communication and Publicity.

delphine bougeon img

Delphine Bourgeon


Student in fourth year in Biochemistry and Biotechnologies at INSA Lyon, I am very interested in working as a team and in carrying out a project from the beginning to the end. I especially appreciate the way we can mix both sciences and humanities in one project. Consequently, I worked on the Human practices and I took part in the achievement of the InterLab study.

margaux img

Margaux Poulalier-Delavelle


I am a fourth year student in Biochemistry and Biotechnologies at INSA Lyon. Since I discovered it, I am a real synthetic biology enthusiast and naturally joined this year iGEM team. Working as a team, building and participating in this project was really fulfilling and enriching. Moreover I am really interested in the human aspect of our project and the improvement it can bring to our society, so I took part in the human practices in addition to the InterLab study.

mathieu borel img

Mathieu Borel


I am a fifth year student at the INSA Lyon and Lyon Science University where I am studying biochemistry. I have always been amazed by synthetic biology's possibilities and achievements. So two years ago I joined the IA2C, which is the student association taking care of the iGEM organization. Ever since I started to work on synthetic biology as a hobby. The iGEM 2016 is the pinnacle of this work. In the future I hope to get a science PhD, and may be work in the synthetic biology field !

paul zanoni img

Paul Zanoni


I am a fourth year student in Biochemistry and Biotechnologies at the INSA of Lyon. On the beginning of last year, I was very curious to explore the world of the synthetic biology and to take part in a team research project. Joining the INSA Lyon iGEM team was the good choice. I had the chance to follow the project from the early brainstorming to the wiki redaction, in many domains ( interlab, human practice, parts characterization, revelation system, microfluidics assay) as an helper. I was really interested in studying the impacts of synthetic biology in the society and the human issues. Taking part in a such project was an exciting experience in the lab and was also a good occasion to work with people from other disciplines.

thomas sabate img

Thomas Sabate


I am a student in the first year of my master's degree in Biosciences at the École Normale Supérieure of Lyon. I decided to join the INSA's Lyon team to discover the engineering way of thinking in biology while my university has a much more fundamental approach. iGEM was a perfect manner to build collectively a whole project started from scratch in synthetic biology. I worked in the wet lab on the development and optimization of the device and helped to characterize Aptamer-proteins interaction. In the future, I would like to work on modeling quantitatively the stochasticity of gene regulation..

jeanne talonneau img

Jeanne Talonneau


Product designer, I graduated from the ESAA La Martinière Diderot in Lyon with the Higher Diploma in Applied Arts (DSAA). After my scientific Baccalaureate, I followed an upgrading course in applied arts with MANAA (Mise A Niveau en Arts Appliqués) in Quimper and then studied Product Design in Brest. Currently, I am doing a final master study in Design Research at ENS Cachan / ENSCI Les Ateliers / Telecom ParisTech in Paris, Science Course, Innovation, Design. I also had the opportunity to do a semester at the CEA of Grenoble in the innovation cluster and now I wish to orient my career towards R&D.

mickael hubert img

Mickaël HUBERT


I am currently studying in the Telecommunications and Networks Department at INSA Lyon. I have had a growing passion in I.T since childhood, that is why, I gladly accepted to help the team on the project, focusing on the Wiki part. The iGEM project allowed me to enhance my skills in WEB programmation and broaden my knowledge across fields which I was not familiar with.


We are...

Corinne Dorel-Flamant img

Corinne Dorel-Flamant


PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology. I currently work on microbial adaptation in extreme environment and depollution. I am fan of iGEM, innovation, rowing, climbing and skiing.

yoann louis img

Yoann Louis

INSA 2nd PI and Handyman !

PhD in environmental and analytical chemistry. And now Associate professor at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, i’m working in the MAP laboratory (Microbiology, Adaptation and Pathogenesis lab) in a new team AME (Adaptation to Extreme Environments, created in 2016). Since 2012 I’m trying to do my best to help the iGEM-ers of INSA Lyon team to go as far as possible in their project :)

Viviane Chansavang img

Viviane Chansavang

INSA Head Instructor

Biochemistry and Biotechnologies engineer and iGEM enthusiast. Since 2011, I have participated as a student, an advisor, a Regional Jamboree staff member, a Giant Jamboree volunteer and finally as an instructor. After graduating in 2013, I traveled across the planet for a 2-year mission within the Office for Science and Technology at the Embassy of France in the US where I was in charge of fostering partnerships between French and American labs in the field of life sciences. In late 2015, I came back to Lyon to further develop former iGEM projects and provide support to our budding iGEMers.

yoann louis img

Valérie Desjardin


Associate professor at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) de Lyon since 2004, I do my research work in Adaptation to Extreme Environments team in Microbiology, adaptation and Pathogenesis Laboratory (UMR5240 CNRS/INSA de Lyon/UCBL) since 2016 . The aim of the AME team is to develop innovative biotechnological solutions, focusing on Archaea as a source of genes for biotechnological interest, and using synthetic biology as a genetic approach to improve microbial-assisted removal and sequestration of pollutants. I am also teaching at INSA engineer school chemistry and biotechnology since 1998 and am involved in iGEM competition for INSA student teams as instructor since 2011

Marie-Pierre Escudié img

Marie-Pierre Escudié

INSA Instructor Human Practice

PhD in Political Science ("Gaston Berger, les sciences humaines et les sciences de l'ingénieur, un projet de réforme de la société", Université Lumière Lyon 2, December 2013). I'm presently a Research engineer at Institut Gaston Berger (INSA Lyon), I study how politics, culture, and ethics of engineer shape science and technology. My teaching interests are interdisciplinary in the field of science and technology studies.

Marianne Chouteau img

Marianne Chouteau


Marianne Chouteau has a PhD in Communication Science ("Les intentions vulgarisatrices : études d'ouvrage de vulgarisation scientifique de 1686 aux années 1950", Université Paris 7, Ed du Septentrion, 2000). Researcher and professor in Humanities Center at INSA de Lyon, she studies the representation of science and technology in communication such as "cop and lab" series (CSI or Bones), movies, novels...


We are...

damien jacques img

Damien Jacques


I am a mechanical design and production teacher at INSA Lyon. I am specially interested in 3D Printers, that is the reason why I was asked to participate to the iGEM project. I agreed with pleasure because I like working with students on such interdisciplinary projects. I think it is important that students know 3D printers technologies because 3D Printers will provide many opportunities in several domains in the next 10 or 20 years and the iGEM project is an example for this. Otherwise I like to play tennis, to ski and to walk in mountain, and also to cook french food with my family and my friends !

pedro da silva img

Pedro Da Silva


Associate professor at INSA de LYON, I'm a structural biologist. I think that iGEM is an exciting way to introduce research and team work to students.