Paris Bettencourt

This year Paris Bettencourt team focused on engineering an enzyme capable of degrading red wine stains by synthetic biology. We were happy to help them by sending them three different samples of wine, grapes and soil from the south area of France. Now we are waiting for a discount for their enzyme when it will be available on the market.


One of the current problems of today’s society is sleep disorder. This year, Bordeaux iGEM team worked on a sleep-inducing peptide. After a Skype meeting with the iGEMers from Bordeaux, our team advised and supported them with a mathematical model for bacterial growth. On the other hand, they kindly hosted two of our members during their visit for a conference related to our project in their city.

METU HS Ankara

METU HS Ankara iGEM team created a database consisting of basic and routinely used protocols in different languages. We have responded to their collaboration request and we have translated their protocols to French. So, if you are looking for protocols in Yupik or Pawnee, check out here:

Edinburgh UG

The Edinburgh UG iGEM worked on finding a solution to the problem of data storage. Their idea was to develop a modular system for encoding text or any other unit of information into DNA. We have helped them with the translation of the Letter of Mary Queen of Scots to French.


UCL’s project about maintaining the quality of life and extending lifespan is interesting and challenging at the same time. The part of their project on the Catheter Lubricant centered on the same problem as our project, about Sexually Transmitted Infections. During our Skype meeting, we shared our projects and also our knowledge about the use of aptamers for STI detection.