Lethbridge iGEM 2016



  • Integrated Human Practices

    Our team internalized feedback from stakeholders and used it infrom the design of our antibody-based pathogen detection system.

    HP Gold
  • Improve Previous Part

    We decreased leaky expression of a downstream lethal gene in a killswitch part from BNU China.

    We improved several parts from our previous iGEM project.



  • Validated Parts

    We characterized several of our parts here:

  • Collaborations

    This season, we worked with several teams including Marburg, Bielefeld, and Lethbridge HS.

  • Human Practices

    Our project was designed hand in hand EMS personnel in order to develop a way to detect pathogens in emergency vehicles.

    HP Silver


  • Register and Attend

    We're registered, excited, and ready for the jamboree!

  • Deliverables

    All of the iGEM requirments are met!

  • Attributions

    Check out our attribution section to see how our work was divided up.

  • Part Contribution

    We produced several parts while constructing our sdAb selection system. Check them out below:


Special Prizes

  • Integrated Human Practices

    From the ground up, our project has involved the EMS personnel that will be using our device to determine what pathogens are present in emergency vehicles, and if the vehicles function as vectors for infection.

    Integrated Practices
  • Applied Design

    We took the feedback from our interactions with stakeholders in order create the design principles that would guide the development of our device.