Team Sydney Australia

Our team aided the University of Sydney’s team by responding en mass to a survey they wrote to collect data on consumption of fresh produce and produce purchasing habits. We hope our answers will help them determine geographical trends in fresh produce consumption so they may better optimize their product for general use. You can help too by taking their survey.

Team Michigan Software

Our team submitted over 20 protocols to the University of Michigan Software Team’s ProtoCat database. The protocols provided are the culmination of lab experiences from the University of Michigan's team. By contributing to the database we hope to aid future iGEM teams who are in need of through instructions to aid in their experimentation.

Diagnostics Track Teams

Our Bench-to-Bedside Guide was shared with all of the teams in the diagnostics track that provided contact information. We expect that this guide will be a valuable resource to current and future iGEM teams and that, as a result of our diligent research, others will be able to deliver life saving technology into the hands of those who need it.