Team:Michigan/Integrated Practices

Integrated Practices

In order to make the most meaningful impact, we sought the opinions of experts in the field of synthetic biology and tuberculosis treatment and integrated their advice into the design of our diagnostic test. Numerous experts with real life experience in tuberculosis diagnosis and care guided us through the process of designing an ideal diagnostic test. This, together with our literature research and ideas, helped us design Aptapaper so that it would actually be useful if made into a real product. Based on the weaknesses of competing diagnostic technologies and the encouragement of our advisors, we believe that our tool would be heavily adopted.

*To read more on what we talked about with Mr. Kannenje, please visit our Bench-to-Bedside Guide, and click on the "Kenya Case Study" tile, found under Market Analysis, II. Target Market, Market Need, & Customer Discovery.


We would like to sincerely thank Rama Kannenje and Grace Hsia for their helpful advice and time as well as all of the people who collaborated with their help and opinions to our project.