Because of the need of the project, FAFU-CHINA need the parts 190~240 which are on the 2015 kit plate 5 from Imperial, we did a series of regular work to get the objective plasmid and proved all the 51 plasmids. In March, we discussed the project, so we arranged one person responsible for the 6~7 plasmid to make the task more efficient. We sent them the plasmid at the end of March.

Pic.1 The pattern of some of the plasmids we provided

Click to download the 2015 kit plate 5.xlsx



It is the first time for NEU_China to participate in iGEM competition. They have no kit plate before. To know more about the plasmid PSB1C3 and submission, they asked us for help to get a plasmid skeleton. We sent them the plasmid at the end of March.



At the end of August, We received the request for help from NKU_China. They need us to help them build a dynamic model about a response system in their project. Our members in the modeling group had done many works to have a deep understanding of NKU_China’s project, and used Matlab to build the model to meet the requirements of the project to the utmost. About Sept.18th, we got feedback from NKU_China, showing the model we've done can fit their experiment results .Then we adjusted the coefficient with the data they offered, in order to make the model better describe the system. The improved model works well.

Pic.2 The printshoot of the model we built and the experiment result

(The result we calculated; The real result)



On Sept.16th, we arranged the video conference with AHUT_China. In this conference, we introduced the project to each other and discussed about collaboration. Later, we went to AHUT on Sept.28th. Firstly, AHUT_China and NAU-CHINA exchanged the ideas about Synthetic Biology, including different understanding of Synthetic Biology, the potential benefit to human beings,etc. Then AHUT_China explained their project detailedly to us, and we gave some advice including:

1. Consider to optimize the path planning at the time of traffic congestion.

2. Use quaternary system to ternary or binnary system to improve the efficiency in solving comparatively short distances.

When, we learned that AHUT_China has the 3D printing technology, we let them know that our physical unit need to be printed. AHUT_China helped us to produce a practical model. It’s important to make our project working in practice.



We have benefited from the advice on gene synthesis from NTHU_Taiwan. They also gave us the valuable advice on the way of showing the 3D model in our wiki.