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Basic Part


More on our parts can be found on the Part Overview page, or on their registry entries.

  • BBa_K2019000: Histidine-tagged Wild-Type Staphylococcus Aureus CRISPR Associated Protein 9 (saCas9)
  • BBa_K2019001: gRNA Template with Constitutively Expressed mRFP
  • BBa_K2019002: gRNA Guide Sequence with Constitutively Expressed mRFP
  • BBa_K2019003: Periplasm Directed saCas9 via TorA Signaling Sequence (TorA-saCas9)
  • BBa_K2019004: Periplasm Directed saCas9 via DsbA Signaling Sequence (DsbA-saCas9)
  • BBa_K2019005: Periplasm Directed saCas9 via Ycdo Signaling Sequence (Ycdo-saCas9)

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