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Our team consists of 3 graduates and 8 undergraduates, as well as 1 instructor and 5 advisors. Our fields of study are microbiology, medical plant science, biotechnology, genetics, multimedia, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering.

Vaughn Barendsen

BSc (Hons) Genetics

Currently doing my honours in genetics with a passion for the fields of human genetics and genetic engineering. I enjoy any physical activity that gets my heart pumping and the adrenalin flowing. I am also a huge Star wars fan, and could probably recite the entire Harry Potter series from memory if forced to do so. My motto: Remember to always be yourself! Unless you can be Batman then always be Batman!

Hobbies and interests: Science fiction novels, adventure sports, genetics, archery.

Thabang Msimango

BSc (Hons) Biotechnology

Biotechnology devotee! The prospect of doing pretty much anything you want to with DNA fascinates me. Plant Biotechnology honours. Well plants are awesome... sometimes. I am not lazy, NO! I just use my energy wisely. Laughter is my best medicine - that plus chocolate and coffee.

Hobbies and interests: Reading, watching tv and movies, playing games, braiding my hair.

Stephan Baggeröhr

BEng Mechanical Engineering

Prepare for stubble. My beard has double. To protect the world from damped vibration. To unite all people with ventilation. To denounce the evils of fatigue and failure. To extend the lives of assets under pressure. Bearings! Gears! Designing rockets at the speed of light. Simulate now before the flight. Aerodynamics! Thats right!

Hobbies and interests: Mathematics, thermodynamics, CrossFit, clarinet.

Simon Bezuidenhout

BEng Electronic Engineering

Final year Electronic Engineer designing elephant vocalization and tracking collars. Using electrons to dominate the world through automation. Envisages a smart home with Siri as my personal assistant, and a glass of wine awaiting me when I open the door. In every failure, a lesson was learned.

Hobbies and interests: Biomedical engineering, cycling, choir, animals.

Ricu Claassens

BSc Genetics

I am in the final year of studying towards a BSc degree in Genetics and Microbiology. I like to be “active” by playing (lazy) sports such as cricket and golf, but every now and then I would be more extreme and hike up a mountain. I am always interested by something scientific.

Hobbies and interests: Technology, science, sport, traveling.

Pieter Bredenkamp

BIS Multimedia

I am a final year Information Science student. When I’m not reading fiction or writing code, I can be found gardening, playing piano or cooking. I also get quite excited when people talk about computer games or espresso based drinks. Always on the lookout for a good pun.

Hobbies and interests: Game development, motion graphics, fine arts, reading, piano.

Nomakula Zim

BSc Microbiology and Genetics

If there was a career called “curiosity”, I’d definitely be a professional in it. A definite ambivert with a happy-place situated anywhere where there’s a good romantic fiction book and Rooibos tea. A die-hard rugby, tennis and anything-Marvel fan who absolutely adores stilettos.

Hobbies and interests: Reading, sport, astronomy.

Modjadji Makwela

BSc Microbiology

Microbes make up the most diverse life on earth and when looking really closely, a new world is revealed to you - more spectacular than you could ever have imagined. I’m intrigued by all organisms microscopic like fungi, viruses, bacteria and several other “germs’’. I am a final year microbiology student and when I’m not busy with all things in the microworld, I’m found spending time with friends and family.

Hobbies and interests: Reading, cooking, drawing, painting, family.

Maryn van der Laarse

BEng Industrial Engineering

Tracking elephants, drinking coffee. Hiking the mountains. Biking the African bushveld. Ecological industrial engineering the world’s problems. Creating GoPro videos of everything.

Hobbies and interests: Mountain biking, hiking, traveling, sport, reading non-fiction.

Brad Querl

BSc (Hons) Medicinal Plant Science

Doing my honours in Medicinal Plant Science, I seem to hear a lot of jokes about weed. Seems that it is the first thing on people’s mind oddly enough. I am passionate about plants - not too passionate about smoking them, but each to their own I guess. Long story short, I am a botanist that may enjoy lifting weights a little too much, and let’s not even get into the modelling story...

Hobbies and interests: Bodybuilding, fishing, skateboarding, reading, gardening.

Bernard Smit

BSc Microbiology

Ominous organisms, those that hide in plain sight but still have an unmissable affect, interests me. Especially those of who`s genetic code can be engineered to produce a profound and beneficial quality. I enjoy playing in our university`s orchestra and the engineering of robotics.

Hobbies and interests: Cycling, orchestra, Lego, science.

Instructor & Advisors

We are very thankful for all the support we had during this project.
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