Jiamin Li
I am a senior student majoring in biotechnology. I am curious about the unknown world and try to explore them by my effort. As the captain of the SCAU-China team, I set up a new team consisting of 15 members in 2015. In the past two years, I have worked very hard with my team members to conceive an idea for iGEM project and fulfill the idea with experiments. I am very proud of that we have worked the project out with aSTARice, which is astathanxyn bioreactor using rice as chassis.
Biyao Tang
Hello! I am a junior student of biosciences from SCAU-China. I have extensive hobbies, for example, watching movies, listening music and reading books. I am very good at basketball. I am responsible for the design of wiki and poster in our iGEM project.
Shangjie Zou
I am a junior student in Biotechnology. My interests are geography, the recent history of China, and all kinds of outdoor sports. I worked on experiments and human practices in the team. I like the feeling of doing research and sharing scientific achievements to the public.
Junjie Huang
I am a senior student in Biosciences. I also love playing soccer and touch rugby. I joined the team because of my interest in biology and trying to make friends with people with the same idea. I worked on experiment and modeling in this project.
Runzhao Zhang
I am a junior student in the College of Life Sciences. As a nerd with a flaming heart, I think science is a cool stuff. I am responsible for the transformation of rice in iGEM-SCAU.
Rong Wang
My major is Biotechnology, I like drawing and learning new things. I serve as a designer in our team. I designed the poster, wiki and our mascot for iGEM project.
Xiangyu Guo
Hello, my English name is Joe. I am easygoing and willing to make friends with people all over the world. I am mainly in charge of building standard Biobricks in our project and involved in human practices taking photos.
Chaojun Cui
I major in Agronomy. I am open-mind and independent person with many hobbies such as jogging, playing ping-pang. I like to explore the secret of life. In this project, I work on rice transformation experiments.
Yunping Lin
I'm in the third year of my college majoring in Bioscience. I'm responsible for mathematical modeling and wiki design in our team.
Junyu Chen
I am a junior student majoring in Bioscience. I like animation more than out-door activities. I am a quite person, so I can concentrate on the experiments I work on. I am responsible for constructing standard parts and measuring the content of astaxanthin in aSTARice in our project.
Xuecheng Li
I am a junior student majoring in Biology. My lucky number is 7 and my favorite is "double seven"(77). I don't have too many talents except daydreaming. In my team, I am responsible for some translation work and some human practice work.
Jianbang Lin
I'm a junior in the College of Life Sciences. In this team, I am one of the members of wet-lab group. I am in charge of building parts and marker-free system in our project.
Xin Lu
I am a junior in the College of Life Sciences, I am responsible for the WeChat, Public update, the event planning and the personnel management.
Shuwen Chen
I am responsible for wiki and time arrangement for discussion of our team. I enjoy the time when I carry out teamwork with my lovely teammates, I learn a lot form this contest and it is such a lucky thing to meet everybody of our team.
Ying Li
I am a junior student of the College of Life Sciences. You can called me Iris. My contribution is mainly on Human Practice and Wiki design in our project.


Dr. Qinlong Zhu
He works in the College of Life Sciences, South China Agriculture University. Dr. Zhu has great passion on multi-gene stacking and plant metabolic engineering. He is one of the instructors of SCAU-iGEM team. Dr. Zhu is an easygoing teacher, engaged in training of wet-lab group members and responsible for accomplishment of experimental design.
Prof. Letian Chen
He is the principal investigator of State Key Laboratory for conservation and Utilization of Subtropical Agriculture Biological Resources. He is a molecular plant biologist and serves as an instructor of SCAU-iGEM team. Prof. Chen encourages our team to open the mind and face the challeges. Prof. Chen is a very strict, responsibile teacher. He gives us lots of advice in accomplishment of our whole project including wet and dry aspects.


We have an advisor board consisting of 7 teachers, which often gives advice and suggestion on our project. The board members are as follow:
Professors Yaoguang Liu, Yiqun Deng, Gang Hao, Haihong Wang, Jikai Wen, Guohui Zhu and Ms Dongmei He.
Yiqun Deng
Gang Hao
Guohui Zhu
Dongmei He
Yaoguang Liu
Haihong Wang
Jikai Wen

Special thanks

Dongchang Zeng
Weike Li