Collaboration is core values of iGEM, we devote ourselves to promote the knowledge of synthetic biology and to expand the impact of iGEM in China. We introduced the purpose and overview of iGEM competition the students of Guangdong Experimental High School and helped them to set up a team named GDSYZX-United for the iGEM competition. During this project, we could give some guidance to their project. We also provided some plasmids to them. And we also sent two teammates (Wang Rong and Lin Yunping) to Guangdong Experimental High School for several months to be their art and modeling advisor to help them build web page and design poster. We held a meeting to communicate about project progress and team construction, sharing experience and learning from each other.
Besides, we participated the gatherings of Central China iGEM Consortium in Peking and Canton to enhance the collaboration and interaction with other iGEM teams in China.


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