Our project is a team-work involving in 15 undergraduates divided into four groups. Each group was responsible for one aspect such as WIKI construction, art design, wet-lab work, human practices and so on. Here, we state their attribution and email address in case of further information is desired by iGEMers.
1. Team set-up and management
Jiamin Li ( set up the SCAU-iGEM2016 team with the help of honorary member Weike Li. she serves as the captain and is in charge of accomplishment of the whole project.
Shuwen Chen ( is responsible for record of meeting attendance and message announcement. .
Xin Lu ( is responsible for financial affairs.
2. Wet-lab work
Jiamin Li (, Chaojun Cui (, Runzhao Zhang (
Junyu Chen ( and Xiangyu Guo ( are in charge of the vector construction, gene transformation and detection. Jiangbang Lin ( has done the work about detection and safety. Jiamin Li is the general experiment leader of Wet-lab work too.
3. Art Design
Rong Wang (, Ying Li (, Biyao Tang (, Yunping Lin (, and Xiangyu Guo ( are responsible for Art Designs including the designs for our team clothing, posters, wiki, team logo and taking photo and videos. Rong Wang is the general leader of the Art Design section.
4. Wiki
Shuwen Chen(, Xiangyu Guo( Li ( and Xuecheng Li( worked together to accomplish the design and construction of WIKI contents.
5. Human Practices
Xin Lu ( and Shangjie Zou ( are responsible for planning and organizing the social activities, education and entrepreneurships.
6. Modeling
This section was doned by Junjie Huang ( and Yunping Lin (
1. Special thanks
We are grateful to Weike Li and Dongchang Zeng, who help us to set-up a team and to construct parts at the beginning of our project. Our project was supported by grants from the Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, the College of Life Sciences, Department of Foreign Affairs, Department of Student Affairs, the Youth League Committee of SCAU.
2. Lab support
Our project was mainly conducted in State Key Laboratory for Conservation and Utilization of Subtropical Agro-bioresources (SKL-CUSA). This laboratory is a leading research unit focusing on molecular mechanisms of rice sterility and rice genetic engineering. The SKL-CUSA is a P1 laboratory with advanced machines, mature methods and strict safety regulations. Therefore, we can access good facilities for molecular manipulation, rice transformation and finish the experiments smoothly.
3. Human practices support
During the human practices, we received many help and assistances from people and organizations, such as the Youth League Committee of the College of Life Sciences for the Laboratory Open Day, the Youth League Committee of SCAU for Bauhinia Scientific & Cultural Festival, Sun Yat-sen University and Peking University for iGEM gathering, the No.47 High School and Wangwu Primary School for education courses of Biology.