Team:SYSU-Software/Human Practices



  • During our project, we performed or participated in several Human Practices activities, cover-

  • ing scientific and social thinking, project assessmentand public engagement.

  • In these activities, we used materials to illustrate the mechanism of standard elements in synbio

  • to the public, talked with senior high school students and freshmen with basic principles and

  • potential safety problems. We also consulted with the teachers majored in biosafety, asking about

  • the laws and regulations in our country and our college on synbio or software. We collaborated with

  • SYSU-CHINA, organizing the Central China iGEM Consortium, with 28 iGEM teams attending. We found

  • deficiencies in our software design during Human Practice, including safety problems and model.

  • So we improve our design, making it easier, safer and more practical to use.