Jianhua Yang

Jian Ren

  • Research interests: disease RNA genomics; functional

  • non-coding RNA and regulatory networks; high-through-

  • put data Informatics

  • Research interests: proteome Informatics; genome Informatics;

  • cancer Informatics; supercomputing

Yan Zhang

Yongjun Lu

  • Research interests: cancer stem cell; pluripotent stem

  • cells; neoangiogenesis; transdifferentiation; cancer micro-

  • environment

  • Research interests: pathogenic bacteria - host interaction and

  • antibacterial drug development

Xionglei He

Shengfeng Huang

  • Research interests: biochemistry and molecular biology;

  • bioinformatics; evolutionary genetics; genomics

  • Research interests: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; Func-

  • tional Genomics

Lingling Zheng

Yongdong Zhang

  • Research interests: bioinformatics

  • Research interests: high performance computing


Xiangwan Lu

Ying Wang

  • Administrative staff of School of Life Sciences

  • Administrative counselor of School of Life Sciences

Peng Nie

Weilin Xu

  • PhD Student. Member of 2013 and 2014 SYSU-Software

  • Senior Student. Member of 2014 and 2015 SYSU-Software

Xiao Feng

Shengkun Dai

  • Senior student. Team leader of 2015 SYSU-Software

  • Senior student. Member of 2015 SYSU-Software