Basic Parts

Eight Basic parts has been built this year.

1. Basic Parts for light-mediate controlled yeast-two-hybrid system.

Two fusion proteins and a promoter which is activiated in special situation are used to built our light-mediate controlled system.

2. Basic Parts for regulating genes in photosynthesis

Two coding genes transcrpting into two microRNA which would targeting two gene in photosynthesis coding D1 protein and FNR enzyme.

3. Basic Parts for regulating genes in photosynthesis

Two antibiotics coding genes is used as a reporter and resistance genes to select bacteria and green algae.

4.Basic Parts for New promoter in Chlamydomonas

A promoter is for use in activiating our antibiotics coding gene.

Composite Parts

Five composite parts has been built this year.

1. Two devices to produce hydrogen

For activating the light-mediate controlled system, followed the example of yeast two-hybrid system, Two plasmids which contain two fusion protein coding gene have built in green algae.the microRNA gene is constructed on the 3 primer end of UAS, When the system is activated, transcription is on and product microRNA in order to regulate two pivotal genes in photosynthesis.

2. Two devices for use in produce antibiotics

In order to detect the function of our system, we construct these two devices into two different plasmids. If we select the right colony in the TAP medium plate contain Paromoycin resistance and Hygromycin B resistance.

Favorite Name Type Description Design
 √ BBa_K1884007 Composite PSAD Promoter+BD-CIB1+PSAD Terminator Yongjing Ping
 √ BBBa_K1884008 Composite PSAD Promoter+AD-CRY2+UAS+PsbA+PSAD Terminator Changxing Hu
 √ BBa_K1884009 Compostie PSAD Promoter+AD-CRY2+UAS+FNR+PSAD Terminator Changxing Hu
  BBa_K1884001 Coding BD-CIB1 Chengrong Xie
  BBa_K1884002 Coding AD-CRY2 Chengrong Xie
  BBa_K1884004 Coding Upstream activating sequence Chengrong Xie
  BBa_K1884005 Coding PsbA Changxing Hu
  BBa_K1884006 Coding Ferredoxin-NADP(+)Reductase Changxing Hu
  BBa_K1884013 Coding Paromoycin Yongjing Ping
  BBa_K1884003 Coding Hygromycin B Yongjing Ping
  BBa_K1884010 Coding RBCS2 promoter Yongjing Ping

Part Collection

Followed the example of yeast two-hybrid system, 2016 SZU-China creates a part collection named light-mediated expression system collection, including two fusion proteins, and the Upstream activating sequence.

These are the basic parts numbers of fusion proteins and light controlled proteins. Fusion proteins (BBa_K1884001; BBa_K1884002) are based on yeast-two-hybrid interaction for use in controlling DNA transcription by blue light. BBa_K1884004 is consist of a BD binding site and a promoter to start the transcription which can bind with the Activity domain .

Based on the light-mediated expression system, we built 2 devices  (BBa_K1884007 and BBa_K1884008; BBa_K1884007 and BBa_K1884009) which have two different microRNA for hydrogen production in order to control the production of hydrogen.