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We are the Taipei American School iGEM team, Taiwan's first high school team. Our team consists of 28 dedicated members, 15 of whom will be attending the jamboree in Boston. This is our third year participating in the iGEM competition, and we look forward to continuing for years to come!

A team photo taken during the award ceremony for the Giant Jamboree photo. Though we were unfortunately cut off from the photo frame, we still have this amazing photo! Photo taken by Avery (bottom right), as a group selfie.


To see team member attributions, click here (leads to attributions page).

Fiona Tsai

Huiru Huang

Moksha Shah

Avery Wang

Changsun Lee

Dennis Jang

Alvin Wang

Megan Yang

Austin Lai

Zach Verne

Angela Lu

Stephanie Cheng

Justin Yang

Catherine Yeh

Yvonne Wei

Kevin Liao

Hansen Tai

Aaron Cheng

Jason Hsu

Hellen Jang

Christy Yao

Jubi Lin

Jacqueline Chien

Andrew Chen

Justin Chang

Charlene Chang

Leon Yim

Jude Clapper

Teresa Chiang

Sean Tsao

Richard Brundage

About Taipei American School

Taipei American School is a private independent school with an American-based curriculum located in Tianmu (T'ien-mu), Shilin District (Shih-lin), Taipei City. Most graduates of TAS go on to attend colleges and universities in United States, although some choose to attend schools in other countries. TAS strives to stay ahead of the curve in STEAM education. An important aspect of STEAM education is the 'E': Engineering. Our iGEM team represents the application of engineering beyond robotics.

About The Lab

We work in the Sandy R. Puckett Memorial Research Lab, which was completely renovated in 2013 to provide a research laboratory for on-campus student research in synthetic biology and nanotechnology. It is fully equipped with lab tools for research for the iGEM competition. The students have the opportunity to be creative and exploratory in many areas of scientific research at TAS.

Synthetic Biology

The fusion between biological research and engineering has culminated in the creation of synthetic biology. This interdisciplinary area was facilitated by the recent advances in technology, allowing humans to actually design and construct biological devices as if they were machinery. However, the advent of synthetic biology has raised concerns with biosafety and biosecurity, which is why iGEM places such importance on "safety".


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