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Sponsorships are of great importance for our team. We would like to thank those who supported us:

QIAGEN is a company that provides sample and assay technologies for research purposes. This year, QIAGEN gave the team in-kind sponsorship with a contribution of 4 kits: Two Plasmid Miniprep kits and two Gel Extraction kits.

IDT is the leading supplier worldwide of custom nucleic acids that has been supporting iGEM. IDT was the company in charge of synthetizing the gen used for this year’s project. IDT funds iGEM teams through free synthetizing of 20 kb of DNA.

NEB is producer/supplier of recombinant and native enzyme reagents that also supports high school and college iGEM teams. NEB gave the team in-kind sponsorship as well, contributing with a 4A Assembly kit.

The ITESM México City Campus (CCM) Department of Science is the area in charge of scientific research and diffusion within our school and gives special importance to scientific development. The ITESM México City Campus (CCM) Department of Science contributed the team with financial support for iGEM's enrollment fee.