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Attributions by Students

Project Design

Our project was preliminarily designed by Huang Zhigang and Lu Yifei. All the team members have attended several brainstorming discussions and helped finishing the project.

Wet Lab Work

Lu Yifei, Deng Jiezhong, Ling Ping, Wang Bingxuan, Chen Lin, Cheng Haiyan and Yan Hongxiang carried out the experiments.


Our modeling was mainly finished by Jin Xurui, Guo Furen and Li Xuelei.


Yang Jiacheng made scripts and designed the templates of Wiki page. Pan Linxin, Luo Yi, Zhu Luyao, and Fan Dongyu finished the writing in Wiki together.


Zhang Yi and Zhang Chi designed the poster and took part in the design of team logo and team uniform.

Human Practices

The activities and conferences were mainly organized by Huang Zhigang, Fan Dongyu, Pan Linxin, Luo Yi and Xu Ziqian.


Yu Yanlan, Deng Jiezhong and Huang Zhigang were mainly in charge of the presentation.

Attributions by Teachers

General support

Rao Xiancai, Professor, Dean of the Department of Microbiology. He was in charge of team management and supported us by providing laboratories and equipment. He also gave advice on Wiki and the presentation.

Hu Xiaomei, Associate professor. She helped with financial support, coordinated foreign affairs, and supervised the progress of the whole project.

Hu Qiwen, Lecturer. He is the instructor of our team. He participated in our progress meetings and project discussions and supported us all along the iGEM journey.

Tan Jing, She coordinated foreign affairs and helped with team uniforms.

Biosafety support

Li Ming, Associate Professor. He evaluated the biosafety issue of the whole project, especially the part of Vi antigen.

Modeling support

Zou Lingyun, Associate professor, director of Bioinformatics Center. He gave us an introduction into modeling and gave us advice.

Material support

Cong Yanguang, Associate professor. He participated in design of the Vi antigen project and provided us with the genomic DNA of S.Typhi

Human practices support

Hu Qiwen, Lecturer. He helped in designing the coloring book and arranging conferences.

Experiment support

Wang Jing, Lecturer. He gave instructions on project procedures and he provided much useful advice on project design and experiments.

Xiong Kun, Lecturer. He offered kind help in the Vi antigen project.

Wiki and presentation support

Yang Min, Professor, Dean of Department of Foreign Languages. She helped us in presentation preparation.

Pan Junfeng, Associate professor. She helped in presentation preparation and gave advice on linguistic revise.

Le Shuai, Lecturer. He helped in revision of Wiki and gave advice on the presentation.

Team logo and animation support

Lou Jia. She gave advice on design of team logo and animation.

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