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The introduction of TMMU China 2016

Our team consists of 21 students and 8 instructors and advisors. All the students major in different fields of medicine, including Clinical Medicine, Medical Imaging, Medical Psychology. The instructors and advisors gave the students an overall instruction covering various aspects, such as laboratory procedures, biosafety issues, social practice and so on.

This is our first time to participate in iGEM and we feel honored to meet so many talented minds from all over the world. We regard iGEM competition as a precious chance to present our ideas, to cooperate with others and most importantly, to devote our passion to promote synthetic biology.

We sincerely appreciate all the support and help that has brought us here, and we will try our best to make a difference.

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  • Address: Third Military Medical University, No.30 Gaotanyan Street Shapingba District, Chongqing, P.R.China 400038