Team:TMMU China/Description


Parts we verified and clarified.

During the experiment, we utilized and verified a part BBa_K1654007 created by the iGEM15_IIT_Madras Group. We also clarified a part BBa_K1830002 created by the iGEM15_Concordia Group.

Name Type Description Length Contribution
BBa_K1654007 Tag Signal peptide of Usp45 for protein secretion 81bp Verified
BBa_K1830002 Tag Signal peptide of Usp45 for protein secretion 114bp Clarified

Parts we created

We also contributed 4 parts to the part registry. There are two proteins (LacZ and NSR), a cell wall surface display tag (the cA anchoring domain) and a genome integration targeting sequence (the His segment).

Name Short name Type Description Length
BBa_K1887000 LacZ Coding Turn X-gal blue 2004bp
BBa_K1887001 His Other Targeting to the His locus 2472bp
BBa_K1887002 NSR Coding Nisin resistance 957bp
BBa_K1887003 cA Tag Surface display 663bp

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