iGEM Tel-Hai 2016


We genuinely appreciate the generous individuals and companies who supported us financially and professionally. Without their belief, none of this would have come to existence. Thank you all !

Thanks to our instructors- Dr. Avi Matityahu and Dr.Doron Goldberg for their patience and assistance throughout the project.

Thanks to: Prof. Jacob Vaya and Dr. Suliman Khatib's lab for their help with the chemical crosslinking, Dr. Moshik Cohen-Kutner and Dr. Niv Bachroff for the help with the LT-binding domain.

Thanks to Tel Hai Academic college and Migal institute for the administrative, financial and for let us use their facilities.

Thanks to those who gave guidance when choosing our project idea: Prof. Sgula Mutzafi, Dr. Chen Katz, Dr. Alon Margalit, Dr. Karen Jackson, Dr. Ofir Benjamin, Prof. Dani Bercovich, and Prof. Martin Goldway.

C-cure Team

  • David M. Zini
  • David Lancry
  • Michal Glikman
  • Almog Angel
  • Oded.Y.Menuhin
  • Hossin Bouz
  • Yael Lev-Mirom
  • Ortal Nisimi
  • Allison Rosenberg

Human Practices:

  • Thanks to Prof. Bat-Sheva Kerem (one of the scientists who helped discover the CFTR gene) for a very inspiring in interview.
  • Thanks to Prof. Rachel Amir (Plant molecular biology; sulfur metabolism; metabolism of amino acids; biology of pomegranates) for giving a great lecture on genetic engineering at a local pub, helping raise awareness and discussions on the topic.
  • Thanks to Dr. Uri Inbar (head of Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Israel) for his continuous support
  • Thanks to the EU for their help and support in the Researcher's’ Night, held at a local high school in Kiryat Shmona.
  • Thanks to Branco Weiss high school for hosting the Researchers’ Night
  • Thanks to the Anshoo Pub for hosting our “lecturer on the bar” event with Prof. Rachel Amir
  • Thanks to Naftali Bennett (minister of education)
  • Thanks to Ophir Dgani, head of the Youth Excellence Program, for hosting one of our team members, who lead a class on entrepreneurship and biotechnology
  • Thanks to Dr, Doron Goldberg (head of the Biotechnology Department at the Tel Hai Academic College) for providing a platform for the promotion of Tel Hai’s first iGEM team.
  • Thanks to Yael Farahn
  • Thanks to Ruby Shapira Haifa Football Club (local soccer team) for hosting us at a game, and helping us raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis.
  • Thanks to our 65 supporters in israel's first 65 roses campaign: including 5 Nobel prize winners: Prof. Ada Yonath, Prof. Dan Shechtman, Prof. Michael Levitt, Prof. Robert .J. Aumann, Prof. Aaron Ciechanover.


  • Thanks to Prof. Asa Kasher (Israeli philosopher and linguist) for his guidance regarding Bioethics
  • Thanks to dr. Efrat Ram-Tiktin (Israeli philosopher) for her guidance regarding Bioethics
  • Thanks to Prof. Hanoch Slor (Israeli philosopher) for his guidance regarding Bioethics

Lab Work:

  • Thanks to Jacob Pitcovsky’s lab for their help with the DNA binding Domain
  • Thanks to Moshik and Niv for their assistance in research on LT and DNA binding Domain
  • Thanks to Gidi Gross’s lab for their help with the FACs
  • Thanks to Andrea Schuchman Sapir’s lab for their help with the confocal microscopy.
  • Thanks to Jamal Mahajna’s lab for their help in growing the lung epithelial cells.


  • Thanks to dr. Doron Goldberg and dr. Raphael Levi for their help with our provisional
  • Thanks to Yoav Moshe for help with our WIKI page.
  • Thanks to Yotam Gur and his team, our cinematographer.
  • Thanks to Arigato studio for our animation video.
  • Thanks to Yuval Barak, Einav Haimovich and Adir Amiram for participating in our promotion video
  • Thanks to the Board of Governors of the Tel Hai College, for their support


Those who helped with Public Exposure and Raising Awareness

  • Tel Hai Student Blog
  • Times of Israel Blog
  • “Yedion 8”- Local Newspaper
  • Channel 10 Television Program- “Outside of the Bubble”
  • Walla news

Thanks to all the individuals who dedicated their time and care to help us with our research and initiative

  • Rawan Halabi
  • Aviv Guy
  • Rida Habashi
  • Shimon Abraham
  • Shirtal Amano
  • Einav Bar Hanin
  • Yarden Oliel
  • Asaf Segev
  • David Shotan