iGEM Tel-Hai 2016


Helen Keller, the established and highly respected American author and political activist, once said “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”.

Her words have proven to be true time and time again. Our teamwork and collaborations with other ambitious teams have helped us gain great progress and accomplishments, success we could not have achieved alone.

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped our team, it has been a joy learning from and collaborating with other teams as well!

65 Roses Campaign

Our team hosted the first ever 65 Roses Campaign in Israel. The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness and funds for research in the field of medical care for Cystic Fibrosis patients and CF treatments. We launched our campaign with 65 celebrities in various fields including politics, music, sports, and art to name a few. Each participant took pictures of themselves holding a red rose and posted them to their social media channels to help spread the word. We realized this promotional strategy was both creative and effective, therefore, we decided to try to use the campaign as a potential platform for collaborations with other schools. iGEM teams from all over the world generously participated in our 65 Roses Campaign. The iGEM teams that participated in our campaign are the following: BGU, Danzinger,Technion,Tec Monterrey-Mexico, Guanajuato-Mexico, Bordeux, Groningen, University of Manchester, Stockholm, Harvard, XMU China, Saclay-Paris,Graz,Bangalore, LMU & TU Munich and Sheinfel, Manchester-UK and NTNU-Trondheim-Norway.

Mini Jamboree

The iGEM team Technion hosted us together with the other Israel iGEMs' teams at a wonderful event, the "Mini Jamboree", simulating the iGEM competition itself, with judges, presentations, speeches and more.This was a very educational and unique day that helped us direct our preparations for the contest and practice speaking in front of a large crowd. We also had the chance to meet all of other iGEM 2016 participants representing Israel this year.

European Researchers’ Night

The "Researcher's Night", an evening event funded by the Ministry of Science and the EU throughout all of Israel and Europe that aims to enrich students' knowledge and love of science through various creative activities. We produced and executed the event held in Kiryat Shmona (of the Northern Galilee), joined by the iGEM Technion and iGEM Danzinger teams as well. At “Researcher’s Night”, we organized activities in the fields of biology, chemistry and physics, alongside researchers from the MIGAL Institute. Additionally, we presented our iGEM project and performed an activity extracting DNA from wheat germ.

Helping “Danciger Darca Comprehensive High School” with their poster and T-shirts

People always say that family is the most important thing you have. Our group is located mostly in Kiryat- Shemona (in the Northern periphery of Israel), and another group that is participating in the igem- high school track ( Danciger) is from Kiryat Shmona as well. This is a group of bright students studying Biotechnology who have developed an interest in science from an early age and are eager to constantly learn more.

In preparation for the competition , we helped them design the shirts with which they come to Boston, and helped them create and design the poster for the Giant Jamboree.

Such cooperation is always welcome. They liked the design we created for them, and we helped them raise their morale. It is important to remain unified as we represent the same place, and want to bring it much pride.

Brainstorming over Skype

We held skype conversations as well with Lithuania and Freiburg regarding all of our teams’ projects. We brainstormed ways to progress and discussed the difficulties we had encountered and the solutions we had tried to find thus far.

Our Journal Entry

XMU China created a yearly journal prior to the iGEM competition, including articles from multiple teams regarding their projects. We collaborated with them by submitting an article.