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Freiburg iGEM Team

iGEM Team Freiburg Teampicture
This year the iGEM Team Freiburg tackled the problem of targeted drug delivery in the human body.
As both iGEM Team Freiburg and our team are working with Bacillus subtilis to reach our goals, we decided to support each other.
We were able to provide them with our protocol for competent cells and, thankfully, they could assist us with a transformation protocol for B. subtilis.
After trying out multiple protocols we decided to write a guide "How to Bacillus subtilis" including the protocols that worked best for us.
This should help future iGEM teams speed up their work with the organism.

Find the guide here

Check out their project here

Düsseldorf iGEM Team

The iGEM Team Düsseldorf initiated the creation and distribution of postcards with themes of synthetic biology. Teams all around Germany participated, and so did we.

Check out their project here


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