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Lab Notebook 2016

10KW (7.3-13.3)

transformation of genes bought at genescript: XynA, XynB, LipA, EstC2, CpCel9, CpCel5c, EngB, CelA, BsCel5, Bpul and Linkers: nprb, SacB
inoculation of liquid cultures and restriction Analysi of linkers (SacB and nprb).

repetition of the transformation for XynB, EngB and linkers.
Subsequently inoculation and miniprep of the samples. Preparation of glycerol stock.

restriction analysis of the genes.

11KW (14.3-20.3)

Repetion of restriction analysis from the genes KW10 and gel clean ups of the linkers.


  • Measurement of inkjet absorbance spectrum
  • filtration-based deinking setup

12KW (21.3-27.3)

repetition of restriction analysis of all genes and gel clean ups of the genes.

inkjet ink absorbance spectrum and pulp preparation

13KW (28.3-3.4)

Restrictions and gel clean ups of all genes genes for a new gel clean up, because the ones of KW13 did not works. Ligation of genes from the gel clean ups into C3 and inoculation of cultures and minipreps. (1.04.16 :) → successful ligation of

  • XynA
  • CelA
  • LipA
  • Bpul
  • CpCel5c
  • BsCel5
  • EstC2
  • EngB in C3
  • nprb + CpCel9
  • nprb + BsCel5 in C3

establishing the set up and starting experiments with different conc of NaOH and Na2SiO3

14KW (4.4-10.4)

Experiments with different concentrations of surfactant oleic acid

15KW (11.4-17.4)

experiments with different incubation time, vortexing time, temperature

16KW (18.4-24.4)

tests with solvents to dissolve ink and fibers

17KW (25.4-1.5)

grayscale tests, solvent tests

18KW (2.5-8.5)

pulp preparation

19KW (9.5-15.5)

establishing water and standard chemical controls

20KW (16.5-22.5)

establishing water and standard chemical controls

21KW (23.5-29.5)

Restriction analysis of genes from the 13KW and mini prep from samples of the 13KW. (28.05.16) successful ligation of:

  • nprb and sacB in C3
  • nprb + EstC2 in C3

establishing oleic acid and oleic acid + citrate buffer controls

22KW (30.5-5.6)

Restriction analysis of samples of the 21KW

discovery: paper discs with CB turn red, tests to find the reason

23KW (6.6-12.6)

Inoculation of all genes from glycerol stocks and miniprep. Restriction analysis and gel clean up of the genes, ligation of the missing genes with C3.

tests with oleic acid and oleic acid + cb controls

24KW (13.6-19.6)

Restriction of bbMCS and gel clean ups.
Ligations of genes in C5 and C3.
Ligation of genes and tags in C5.

Minipreps of all of the samples.

tests with shaking during incubation and different incubation time

25KW (20.6-26.6)

Restriction analysis of the constructs

Repetition of ligation of genes in C5 and transformation and preps.

rotation evaporator concentrating ink

26KW (27.6 - 3.7)

Restriction analysis of the mini preps.

28KW (11.7-17.7)

Repetion of Ligations of genes and C5

B.subtilis: preparing electrocomp cells and transformations

flotation-based deinking, pulp preparation

29KW (18.7-24.7)

separation of ink from fibers in organic phase of big scale deinking, flotation-based deinking, foam collection, defoaming

30KW (25.7-31.7)

preparing electrocomp cells and transformations preparing chemocompetent B. subtilis and transformations

tests with toluene flotation-based deinking

31KW (1.8-7.8)

Ligation of Fragment synthesized at IDT and C3.
Ligation of genes in C3 and genes + tags + C5.
transformation, and inoculation of liquid cultures of the above.

preparing of chemocompetent cells and transformations

32KW (8.8 - 14.8)

Ligation of IDT and C3.
Transformation and inoculation.
Minipreps of samples and restriction analysis.

Ligations of genes plus tags in bb_MCS.
Transformation of these samples.

preparing of electrocomp and chemocompetent cells and transformations

33KW (15.8 - 21.8)

Inoculation and miniprep.
Repetion of ligation of IDT and C3.
Repetion of ligation of bb + nprb + genes.
Midi prep of SacB, bb and nprb.
Ligation of Genes + C5 and genes plus tags in C5.
Transformation and inoculation of the samples.
mini preps

creation of flat paper-like discs

34KW (22.8 - 28.8)

Restrictions of mini prep and repetition of mini prep

preparing of chemocompetent cells and transformations

grayscale tests with officer scanner and odisey scanner

35KW (29.9 - 5.9)

transformations of bb

36KW (5.9 - 11.9)

tests of water controls

37KW (12.9 - 18.9)

transformations of bb

scanning tests, different conditions tests

38KW (19.9 - 25.9)

preparing chemocompetent cells and transformations

39KW (26.9 - 2.10)

establishing water and standard controls into setup with kitchen mixer

40KW (3.10 - 9.10)

xylanase started to test + cb

41KW (10.10 - 16.10)

xyl tests + cb

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