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Our Team



Benedikt Hölbling

It should come to no surprise that Benedikt's calm presence is but a mask for a highly reliable and motivated member of our team. With his international experience, not a single task has been unfulfilled as the boundaries of his abilities have still not been met.


Bùi Hoàng Duy

Duy, our member from Vietnam, is the kind of person that makes every team‘s cloning job at least a bit easier. He appears quiet and reserved, yet his wit is sharp and every time when needed he manages to point out the most important points and goals, thus making him a stabilising force in our team.


Niklas Arndt Schmacke

Niklas fulfills a mentor role in our team bringing people to develop their full potential. His extensive lab experience made him an ideal candidate for lab introductions for new team members and his calm presence will aid him in overcoming future problems and bringing labwork onto the right track.

Student Leaders


Sophia Mädler

Closely connected to almost every aspect of our project, Sophia is the motherboard of our team with an expertise that is applicable to the whole spectrum. Whether it comes down to the representation of our project or to conquering hunger with her baked goods, the result is always appealing. Her flexible attitude towards every task and her professional skills make her a vital building block of our team.

Team Members


Alina Siebenmorgen

Helped by her previous training experience. Beneath the cool demeanor hides her enthusiasm: Alina might not smile or talk a lot, but she's the person organising team-building activities.


Ariana Natalie Klappert

Ariana is our ray of sunshine. Her presence is always welcome in our laboratories and meetings. Her positive attitude makes it a pleasure to work with her and it is hard to stay in a bad mood when she is nearby. She is also very bright, quick to learn and always happy to help. Ariana has a lot of good ideas which make a valuable contribution in our discussions.


Balthasar Schlotmann

Balthasar is a limitless source of bizarre facts, including things that you always wanted to know, things you wish you could forget and many things essential to our project. His thirst for knowledge, interest in all things scientific and his willingness to try even daring things out are essential qualities that he brings to our team.


Caroline Fandrey

Caro is our sporty team member. Often in sporty attire she reminds us all of our New Year’s resolutions. Fitting to her style she is upbeat and energetic. Although sometimes hidden behind a very serious face, Caro can always bring laughter to the lab with her “crazy voice.” Eager to learn more, she takes her tasks very seriously and will do all that is necessary.


Gintare Malininaite

Despite being a newcomer, Gintare has been taking charge of the deinking aspect of our project largely on her own - which fits in perfectly with her disposition, as she has confidence in spades and has admitted she's much more interested in the chemistry part of her study than the biology one. Gintare is forever amused by the fact that virtually every German person she has met is stumped by the name of her native country in English: Lithuania (luckily they always let out an understanding "achso" when she follows up with "Litauen.")


Jan Niklas Hansen

Jan played an essential role in organizing our Science Slam and enriched the project with his creativity and technical skills.


Jonas Gockel

Highly motivated and energetic Jonas takes on any and every task you throw at him. With his ability to learn quickly, he doesn’t just master his tasks, but is also able to pass his new found knowledge on to other team members, making life in the lab just a bit easier.


Laura López Navarrete

Our newest exchange student. Laura's warm and supportive Spanish personality helps her get along with virtually everyone she meets. Active team member in cloning, she is always willing to lend a hand and collaborate with their colleagues, inside and outside the lab.


Michael Teske

Despite being a late addition to the team, level-headed Mikey is a very valuable member as he is our wiki specialist. Additionally he also gives a helping hand in cloning. The way he speaks makes one want to listen to every word he says and his input is always on point. Furthermore he rarely fails to make the team laugh.


Stefan Kotte

Hidden under an enjoyably calm temperament our only chemist in the team is always ready to provide us with crazy chemistry-facts, which he can explain in a refreshingly easy and understandable way. His ideas are a real addition to our project and he is a fun addition to any free time activities.


Triinu Linkgreim

Triinu: The "i" in Triinu's name is doubled, and she seems to work and talk double speed too. Quick-thinking and quick on her feet, Triinu is a great member to have around when the need to spot problems arises. That humorous stereotype of Estonians being slow can't be more wrong in this case!

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