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Wageningen UR iGEM 2016



BeeT Outreach MetabolicModel BeeHave Riboswitch Quorum toxin biocontainment comic

In fulfillment of the requirements for the Gold Medal, the 2016 Wageningen iGEM team accomplished the following:

Bronze Medal Requirements:

  1. Registered for iGEM and will present the project at the 2016 Giant Jamboree.
  2. Created and submitted to the Registry 31 new BioBricks
  3. Created a documented attributions page in our wiki.
  4. Completed the Safety and Judging forms and met all other required deliverables.

Silver Medal Requirements:

  1. Validated the functionality of several of the submitted BioBricks.
    • BBa_K1913005 encodes a quorum sensing system with GFP as a system output. We characterized this BioBrick, showing its functionality.
    • BBa_K1913008, BBa_K1913009 are a Vitamin B12 and a guanine riboswitch, respectively. Both of them were functionally validated in vivo using RFP as reporter.
    • BBa_K1913015 encodes a Cry3Aa1-like protein that has a high level of toxicity towards most kinds of insects. We experimentally validated its toxicity in vitro by using brush border membrane vesicles (BBMV).
    • BBa_K1913025 and BBa_K1913026 are FixK2/plac hybrid promoters, which were functionally validated in combination with a light sensor generator(BBa_K1913034).
  2. Considered safety in our project by implementing a optogenetic kill switch system and a synthetic amino acid system to prevent horizontal gene transfer. By implementing these systems, we will reduce the environmental impact of BeeT.
  3. Collaborated with the TU Delft and Groningen iGEM teams.
  4. As human practice activities, we discussed our project application scenario with Synenergene and we wrote a future scenario involving BeeT application in collaboration with them. We also organized the national Dutch iGEM conference with other iGEM teams to share our experiences.

Gold Medal Requirements:

  1. Improved and verify several previous parts:
    • We improved the characterization of BBa_K546000, a quorum sensing composite part that we tested together with BBa_K1913005, resulting in these fluorescence graphs.
    • Based on the original FixK2 promoter (BBa_K592006 made by Uppsala-Sweden_2011), we designed and provided new FixK2 promoters by adding a core control element and operons to the canonical FixJ binding sites, making them controllable by different input signals.
  2. Integrated Human Practices:
  3. We consulted several stakeholders and specialists such as beekeepers from the Dutch Beekeeper association and researchers from Wageningen University to get suggestions in order to make our BeeT product more feasible and acceptable. According to their suggestions, our product should fit with the hobbyist character of beekeeping and never affect honey production. We amended our project design following their suggestions. In addition, we collaborated with Design Academy Eindhoven to design a tea bag-like product that beekeepers can easily apply.

  4. Demonstrate:
  5. We demonstrated some of BeeT's functionalities in conditions which simulate its real-life application.