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Wageningen UR iGEM 2016



Composite parts

Our best composite part: BBa_K1913011

BBa_K1913011 contains a vitamin b12 riboswitch with an inverter and reporter gene (mRFP). This Biobrick allows for inducible mRFP production based on the concentration of vitamin b12. Riboswitches are pieces of mRNA that can regulate gene expression depending on if it is bound to a ligand. They consists of two parts. An aptamer that binds a specific ligand, and an expression platform. This dual system makes riboswitches interesting tools for utilization within synthetic biology: aptamers and expression platform of different riboswitch sequences could potentially be combined to create new riboswitches. The riboswitch used for this biobrick is the btuB of Escherichia coli which normally stops expression after it binds to vitamin b12. Thanks to the TetR QPI system, expression of mRFP will start after binding to the ligand.
In our project, the vitamin b12 riboswitch is used to detect Varroa mites in beehives. The mites feed on the bees’ hemolymph, of which vitamin b12 is a component. BeeT can thus sense whether bees have been bitten, and respond by producing an anti-Varroa toxin.

Below, you can find all composite parts we created!

BioBrick number BioBrick name Designer
BBa_K1913002 chiA device regulated by pBAD Lisa
BBa_K1913003 chiB device regulated by pBAD Lisa
BBa_K1913005 lux quorum sensing system + GFP reporter Thomas
BBa_K1913006 434- and lambda cI balance operon + mRFP reporter Thomas
BBa_K1913007 434- and lambda cI operon for tuning protein balance Thomas
BBa_K1913014 3-oxo-hexanoyl-HSL GFP reporter Thomas
BBa_K1913016 434- and lambda cI balance RFP reporter Thomas
BBa_K1913010 tetR QPI + mRFP Carina
BBa_K1913011 Vitamin b12 riboswitch + mRFP Carina
BBa_K1913012 Guanine riboswitch + guanine riboswitch Carina
BBa_K1913027 Wild type plac-FixK2 hybrid promoter with mRFP Tianhe
BBa_K1913028 Wild type ptet-FixK2 hybrid promoter with mRFP Tianhe
BBa_K1913029 Synthetic plac-FixK2 hybrid promoter +RBS with mRFP Tianhe
BBa_K1913030 Synthetic plac-FixK2 hybrid promoter+RBS with mRFP Tianhe
BBa_K1913031 Synthetic ptet-FixK2 hybrid promoter+RBS with mRFP Tianhe
BBa_K1913032 Toggle Switch device Tianhe
BBa_K1913033 Toggle Switch device Tianhe