Principal Investigator Support

Dr. Liangcai Gu, for support, advice, and help with troubleshooting

Dr. Eric Klavins, for help with official iGEM business, fundraising, and administration

Dr. Alex Merz, for providing emergency cells, reagents, and enzymes


Tom Duan, for his training, patience, and guidance

Justin Jenkins, for his ideas and long-distance support

Chris Choe, for his cloning advice and troubleshooting help

Rashmi Ravichandran and Erik Murphy, for presentation coaching

Financial Advisers

Tina Montgomery and Amanda McCracken, for help with funding, budgeting, and expenses

Alma Royeca, for help with travel arrangements

Wet Lab Support

Dueber lab group at UC Berkeley, for sending us parts of the violacein pathway in a plasmid

Dr. Eric Klavins Lab and DAWGMA club, for giving us access to parts of the yeast violacein pathway

Dry Lab Support

Dr. Jonathan Kuntz, for advice on control and color theory

Dr. Maitreya Dunham and lab, for chemostat support

UW CoMotion MakerSpace, for 3D printing and tools

Outreach Support

Terry Stevens-Ayers, for allowing us to be a part of the Shoreline STEM Festival

Aaron Coe, for arranging a booth for us at the Bennett Elementary Family Science Night

Dianne Hendricks and the UW Bioengineering team, for letting us host an exhibit at the UW’s Engineering Discovery Days

Laurent and Deborah Nicolov, for driving us to events and helping us find last-minute supplies and printing