Viva la Violacein

We've developed an autonomous control system for yeast cultures.

Colored signals produced via gene expression are visually processed by computer and inducer chemicals are released as needed.

Project Description

Proof of Concept

We've designed a system for autonomously controlling cell cultures by sensing color production in yeast expressing the violacein pathway.

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Wet Lab

We've created a strain of yeast capable of producing various pigments to indicate cell culture status.

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Dry Lab

We've engineered an autonomous computer-controlled instrument using inducer-filled syringe pumps triggered by color changes to modulate culture growth.

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Human Practices

We are passionate about educating the public about synthetic biology and have considered the impact of our system in practical use.

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We have compiled experimental procedures implemented by the Wet Lab, Dry Lab and BioBricking teams.

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We are a group of science and engineering majors at the University of Washington who are united by a mutual passion to utilize the power of synthetic biology in solving real-world problems.

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