Proof of Concept

We were able to successfully build a system utilizing a camera for measuring color and a Raspberry Pi for processing the color value. It is also able to add inducer chemicals in response to these measurements and computations.

In order to test our image processing and response system, we are using color dyes. This allows us to optimize and characterize our system with easily-controlled color inputs and outputs, without noise or anomalies caused by an actual cell culture. In the future, this will also help us build a standard repertoire of recognizable color values used in machine learning, allowing our system to better regulate chemical inputs.

Once we characterize the violacein pathway, we expect to be able to use color data to implement our system with other chromogenic genetic pathways, making it more versatile and generalizable for applications in research labs and industry settings.

To learn more about our proof of concept, visit our Drylab page, or come to our oral and poster presentations at the 2016 iGEM Jamboree.