Team:SCSU-New Haven/Results



You have the parts. You do the tests. You get the numbers. You say the numbers are good or bad. You plan your next steps.

Parts Submitted

The only part we were able to submit was BBa_K2143000, our "Feedback" part. We felt it was our most useful part as there are already parts on the registry that use NahR and our part could work in conjunction with those parts.

Problems we encountered

One of the biggest errors made was in the sequences we ordered. We put the biobrick prefixes and suffixes right the ends of the sequences without stuffer sequence. This meant we couldn't cut with EcoRI and PstI because there wasn't enough sequence for the enzymes to bind. Our solution was to cut with NotI, then check the direction of the insert. We later found out that the distributed linearized backbones have a base change in one of their NotI sites. This meat we had to take a plasmid, like BBa_J04450 and restrict it and purify the linear backbone, then digest our inserts, ligate and transform.

Future Works

We'd like to finish cloning our parts and do the assays we designed. Once we establish the genetic device works, we'd then like to build a physical device to house the cells, as a handheld breathalyzer. We'd also like to look into other chassis that are able to persist for long periods without media. We felt a organism that forms spores would be best suited to this task such as Bacillus subtilis.