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Our team is comprised of people from various fields of studies and interests. We work, we study, we've had our ups and down. Here we are.


Bryan Pasqualucci

@Midnight Science, Fueled by a natural curiosity, deadlines, caffeine and general feeling of superiority towards things that are definitely crawling around on you right now.

Hafssa Chbihi

Undergraduate senior Double major in Biology and French, double minor in Chemistry and Mathematics. I have taken classes in synthetic biology, organic chemistry, genetics, and microbiology. I speak English, French, and most Arabic dialects.


Julio Badillo

I'm an undergraduate senior student and a biology major who loves the Star Wars franchise.

Karalyn Farr

Karalyn enjoys learning different subject areas within biology and other sciences. Aside from science she likes to spend time outside exploring, as well as traveling to different places.


Patrick Flynn

I am an senior undergraduate with lab experience in, Microbiology, Chemistry, and Synthetic Biology.

Thomas Hoang

Thomas is a senior studying biology. His hobbies include reading, and traveling. He has traveled to many countries including Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, China, and Vietnam.


Zachary Matto

I'm a nationally certified pharmacy technician and a 4th year Biochemistry major who speaks English and Italian. I have lab experience in organic chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and microbiology. My research interests include bioinformatics and organic synthesis. I’m also an avid guitarist and thorough petrolhead.

Rye Howard-Stone

I’m a senior, double majoring in Physics and Mathematics with a Computer Science minor and a concentration in engineering. I'd like to make in impact in the fields of bioinformatics and synthetic biology. I’ve been known to build igloos and randomly bike 25 miles.


Christopher Wojtas

Senior undergraduate, majoring in biology and minoring in French. I have taken synthetic biology, organic chemistry, genetics, and prospectively taking immunology, microbiology, & genomics in the Fall semester. After graduating, I will be attending University of Bridgeport for naturopathic medicine and nutrition studies. I also speak French and Polish. Fun fact is that I love ballroom dancing and creativity in general.

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