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So to whom should the glory and the fame be ascribed to? Who but me? Consider the tireless hours, the blood and the sweat, the agony, the mountain dew, the pepsi cola, and how my tears sprite forth as the ginger ales within me! If not for my endless toiling, what would have been? What is this you say of errors, mistakes and such? Neigh! That is not my portion! Was it not him, she, it and they that were in charge of that? Neigh! All imperfections whether small or large or no fault of mine! They lie solely on the shoulders of others. Neigh to me, attribute only that which is good.

The Students


Patrick Flynn and Karalyn Farr researched every past iGEM project remotely related to Tuberculosis or detection systems.

Julio Badillo and Zachary Matto researched compounds related to Tuberculosis and Biomarkers.

Christopher Wojtas and Hafssa Chbihi researched the current methods of Tuberculosis diagnostics.

Parts Design

Bryan Pasqualucci designed all the parts from sequences found by the research group. Including devising the overall cloning strategy and how each of the parts would be tested.


Thomas Hoang contacted companies in the New England area for funding and supplies. Wrote proposals and email drafts for the whole team to send. Worked with SCSU's BioPath Foundation to set up accounts and access the funds raised.

Wet Lab

Thomas Hoang performed the Gibson Assemblies attempting to clone our "Degrader" part.

Bryan Pasqualucci worked on the amplification and cloning of our other four parts.

Poster and Presentation

Julio Badillo and Thomas Hoang made the presentation with comments from the team.

Karalyn Farr put the poster together with comments from the team.


Bryan Pasqualucci worked on layout and content.

Rye Howard-Stone helped to code the wiki, work on layout and check for errors.


Hafssa Chbihi and Thomas Hoang maintained the team's Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The Advisors

Dr. Edgington gave advice on the direction of research and checked over the parts design. He also taught us many of the wet lab techniques we performed and gave advice on wiki design and content.

Ruojun Wang our mentor kept us on track, reminding us about deadlines and gave us advice on the feasibility of our system.

Other Support

Dan Camenga and Heather Rowe from SCSU's Institutional Advancement department who helped us with storing and access funds we raised.

SCSU's Public Relations Department helped us take photographs and wrote several stories about the team in the Alumni Magazine which helped us raise some funding. They also got us in contact with the New Haven Register newspaper who wrote a story about us.

Utibe Abasi helped code and design the wiki. He also wrote most of those poetic Headers.