Team:SCSU-New Haven


What if

Tuberculosis could be Diagnosed in just a few hours

One Breath = One Result

The World Health Organization reports 9.6 million new Tuberculosis cases in 2014. As a global health issue one of the major concerns is easy and quick detection. Our iGEM team's goal is a rapid detection method using gases called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) that a person infected with Tuberculosis emits. One VOC, 1-Methylnapthalene has been shown to be a positive marker for Tuberculosis infection. Our designed device takes this compound as input and outputs Indigo dye. The device features a positive feedback loop to ensure that even small amounts of input produce a clear and measurable output.

About Us

We are a group of undergraduates from Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven Connecticut. This is our first year participating in iGEM but, we’ve been trying to form a team for the past few years. Last spring most us has been taking a course in Synthetic Biology where we first heard about iGEM. We decided to form a team and with a whole lot of support from our advisors, mentor, our faculty and of course our sponsors, we raised our registration fees and now made it all the way to the jamboree!


  • Submitted one new composite part
  • Designed 3 new composite parts
  • SCSU’s First iGEM team
  • Bronze Medal