Sleep with EpiC elegans

Bronze medal

Gotta catch'em all !

Silver medal

Gotta catch'em all !

Gold medal

Only need two to win !
Bronze #1:
No special page required ✔

Bronze #2: Deliverables
Complete all deliverables in section 3 of Requirements page:
  • Design and complete an epic wiki
  • Design and create an awesome poster
  • Prepare and make a wonderful presentation for Boston ✔
  • Create and documentate the part pages in the Registry
  • Send the biobricks to iGEM ✔
  • Complete the Safety Form (Check-In, Lab, Project, Safety Form)
  • Complete the Judging Form

Bronze #3: Attributions

Bronze #4: Part
If a part is required, you will additionally need to provide a part number in your part number range when you fill out the judging form. (in progress)
Silver #1: Part data
Part number in your part number range is required when filling out the judging form.
Data must be on the Part page on the Registry. You must also submit this part to the Registry to achieve this medal criterion.

Silver #2: Collaborations

Silver #3: Human Practices Silver

Gold #1: Human Practices Gold

Gold #2 Improving a previous iGEM project
See it in the Description page

Gold #3: Proof of Concept X

Gold #4: Demonstrate your work X
Show your project working under real world conditions/Showcase your project at the Giant Jamboree.