Team:Bordeaux/Press Highlights

Sleep with EpiC elegans

Smile, you're on camera!

The promotion of our iGEM project is important, both for allowing many people to know about our project and for helping us for the sponsoring. This year, we are lucky to be interviewed by two radios: Radio Campus and NRJ but also by the newspaper Direct Matin and our University.
We also created a Wordpressin order to keep the memories of this 2016 edition (but it is only available in french).

As last year, the University is still interested by our project for the iGEM competition. This year, Yoann Frontout came to visit us at our laboratory to interview the team in order to discover our new project. The interview was very fun for everyone and the journalist really saw our passion and our motivation through the answers to his questions. Click here to read the interview!

iGEM Bordeaux: Guests of

What is synthetic biology? What is the iGEM competition? Why are we interested in synthetic biology? Is it a new mood?

Our team members tried to answer to those questions at Radio Campus, the official radio of Bordeaux University.

Hiba, Alice, Linejy and little Marie, 4 members of our team assisted to « Campus News ». First, we presented what is synthetic biology which was a good exercise for us because the audience is a mix of students and non scientific people. We talked about the competition and the recruitment process, the journalist was impressed by our passion and our motivation to do all that work. She asked us to describe clearly and easily our project “Sleep with EpiC elegans”, which concern a majority of students who doesn’t sleep a lot because of homeworks or parties. During the show, we also played answering to some scientific questions related to history, or daily life.

Biology, from Bordeaux to Boston

In order to promote our event Apéro Science, the newspaper Direct Matin talked about us. They also explain what is our current project and where come from the sudents of our team. Let’s see on the right, the little article on us.

iGEM Bordeaux: Guests of

We had the honor to be invited to NRJ, the first radio in France. We talked about student involvement in campus life. It was a pleasure to share our experience, because they usually receive artists in the station. It was the first time that they receive scientists; they were curious and really interested by our project. We were happy to discuss about science and life student, especially on NRJ because usually they receive artists, and it was their first show discussing with young scientist . We were happy to share our iGEM experience and talk about our project ,we had a lot of feedback and advices from the animator in order to learn how well presenting a project in front of non scientist community. This moment was a great experience and we were happy to do it , it had a huge impact and the majority of audience wanted to know more about iGEM competition and our team.