Sleep with EpiC elegans

Working together makes you better

This year, iGEM Bordeaux is a great team with big dreams. Composed by 22 students, we all work together in order to success our iGEM adventure. We were not alone and many people helped us to accomplish our goals.
It is like a recipe, we need many ingredients to make a good meal. iGEM Bordeaux represents the french gastronomy, because we worked together through the year and everyone contributed by doing specific works. We divided the group and each one had a special task but there were some teammates who were involved in different fields of the project.

Let's go to discover our multidisciplinary team !

The Laboratory

iGEM Bordeaux presents:
European Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry

First, we want to thank the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology for hosting us all the year for our internships and meetings.

During the internship, our team had to use several machines which not belong to our lab. That’s why we had to collaborate many times with the neighbor labs. Thank you to:

  • Florian Bernard, the alumni of Denis Dupuy team, who supported our first days of the internship
  • Axel Innis's group, for lending us their spectrophometer and their NanoDrop instruments
  • Jean-Louis Mergny’s group for lending us their spectrophometer and their NanoDrop instruments
  • Natacha Perebaskine from Axel Innis’ group, for the safety formation
  • Myriam Mederic for her hard work and encouragement
  • Sabrina Rousseau, researcher engineer, for her advices during all the internship
  • Martin Teichmann, researcher, who helped a lot for the EpiCRISPR part by giving many advices on our several strategies

Our team

  • Dr. Denis Dupuy ; Primary PI.
    We thank him a lot for everything, iGEM Bordeaux is nothing without him.
  • Pr. Marie Beurton Aimar ; Secondary PI.
    Thank you for helping us on the bioinformatic project with your advices.
  • Hiba Ben Mohamed ; Instructor.
    She helped and gave advices in different fields. Thank to her experience in the competition, iGEM has no secret for us!
  • Savandara Besse ; Team leader.
    Thank for the precious help on the bioinformatic part and the wiki design. She managed the event organization of the Public Engagment part and also make us wonderful sleeping hats.
  • Advisors: Nicolas Boisset, Jean Descarpentrie, Emilie Gounin, Charlotte Maillot and Thomas Favraud.
    Thank for their advices during the internship and on the strategies for the main project.

  • Team members: Marguerite Batsale, Maurene Bindels, Marie Bonnin, Alexandre De Barros, Marie Didelon, Noémie Dubuc, Camille Favarel, Kristina Kastano, Nicolas Nys, Lisa Perus, Fatma Saleck, Alexia Souvane, Linejy Tavars and Christian Te.
    The rest of the team, our young recruits who works like fools during all the year.

Work Repartition


  • Jean Descarpentrie, Emilie Gounin, Charlotte Maillot supervised and gave many advices on the photo inducible system and on the injection of DSIP
  • Noémie Dubuc designed the several approach for creation EpiCRISPR


  • Marie Didelon and Christian Te worked during May
  • Marguerite Batsale, Alexandre De Barros and Fatma Saleck worked during June
  • Noémie Dubuc and Linejy Tavars worked during July
  • Nicolas Nys worked during August

Modeling part

  • Kristina Kastano and Lisa Perus worked on the conception and the implementation of our safety model
  • Alexia Souvane worked on the graphical interface of the model
Special thanks to Julien Estebeteguy, bioinformatics student who helped us by checking and debugging our code.

Wiki Text

  • Camille Favarel and Lisa Perus worked together on the several drawings present on the wiki
  • Emilie Gounin, Charlotte Maillot and Nicolas Nys presented the problem of the project, DSIP, the model organism and the photo inducible system in the description part
  • Noémie Dubuc worked on the EpiCRISPR part of the description page
  • Christian Te wrote the Safety part
  • Kristina Kastano and Lisa Perus worked on the model part
  • Maurene Bindels and Linejy Tavars wrote together the several articles for 3PS
  • Marguerite Batsale, Camille Favarel, Fatma Saleck and Linejy Tavars met pupils of schools and wrote texts concerning these interventions
  • Camille Favarel and Christian Te worked on the ethical aspects of CRISPR-CAS9 and EpiCRISPR
  • Marguerite Batsale, Maurene Bindels, Fatma Saleck and Christian Te worked on the texts of the Integrated Human Practices part
  • Maurene Bindels and Christian Te read many times the wiki
Special thanks to Jérémy Le Coz, bioinformatics student to help us on some code for the JavaScript part. Thank you to Alexandre Petit, bioinformatics student for his help on the photomontage.

Sponsoring and communication

  • Hiba Ben Mohamed, Savandara Besse, Maurene Bindels looked for money in order to let the team going to Boston
  • Alexandre De Barros and Linejy Tavars worked on the communication of the events organized by the team during all the year
  • Marguerite Batsale, Kristina Kastano and Fatma Saleck worked on the plush realization
Special thanks to Jérémy Le Coz and Antoine Guynot de Boismenu for their help on the sponsoring folder and for the design of our logo

Organization of Apéro Science

  • Hiba Ben Mohamed, Linejy Tavars and Clémence Thiery were the speakers on the first event
  • Savandara Besse was the speaker for the second event
  • Most of the eam prepared delicious meals for the buffet
For the first edition, special thanks to Marc Chevalier from Talence Developpement Innovation for helping us to find the place to organize our Apéro Science.
Also thanks to Denis Dupuy and José-Eduardo Gomes for their intervention on GMOs.
For the second edition, special thanks to Marie Beurton Aimar for helping us to find the place to organize our Apéro Science and the Bioinformatics Master Degree Association of Bordeaux for their help on the logistic organization.
Also thanks to Denis Dupuy, François Gonon, Estelle Dumas-Mallet, Dominique Rolin, Alain Girard and Arthur Rafié for their interventions on Science and Media.


  • Marguerite Batsale, Alexandre De Barros, Camille Favarel and Fatma Saleck worked on the poster design and their texts


  • Marguerite Batsale, Noémie Dubuc, Kristina Kastano and Lisa Perus prepare the slides and will be our speakers to presente our project at Boston

Photos Credits

All the photos hosted in this wiki was made by our team


We thank to thank all people which answer to our several surveys and also all the people we met in order to success our project.