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Medal Criteria

Medal Criteria


We are proud to represent UBC and to present our summer findings at the 2016 iGEM Giant Jamboree.

We are pleased to have collaborated with Imperial College, Virginia Tech, and UC Davis. We also began the process of helping Simon Fraser University start an iGEM Team (provincial rivalry soon!).

We integrated our Human Practices findings into our project by making our wiki as understandable as possible for someone without a background in science.

We created a Wiki, feel free to stay and look around. Check out who did what and who helped make this project and experience possible here!

We explored the world of scientific communication by interviewing key individuals and developing an informative list to help with making complex topics more understandable. Check out our list here!

We improved the characterization of BBa_K118023.

We completed all required deliverables. Please come by and check out our poster at the 2016 Giant Jamboree.

Validated Biobrick Part BBa_K2139003 along with 3 other biobricks.

We attempted a proof of concept biological system. Check out our data here!

Take a look at our parts list here here!

Check out other parts of our project below!