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This year, we have collaborated with Virginia, EPFL, UC_Davies and Imperial_College iGEM teams!

For collaborations this year, we completed the biocontainment survey created by the Virginia iGEM 2016 team. They collected information about the awareness of biocontainment within iGEM teams. We responded by stating that our biological system would be contained within the confines of a bio-refinery with no exposure to the external environment.

Second, we participated in the project, designed by the EPFL iGEM 2016 as a part of their human practices. This platform presents iGEM teams and their projects through news articles, it makes a great platform to learn more about iGEM projects in interactive and interesting ways. We were interviewed about our team, “Crescentium,” our project, and our overall experience with participating in iGEM this year.

We also participated in the project, created by the UC Davies Team. This project is designed to easily find collaborators from the iGEM community relevant to your project or areas of expertise.

Lastly, we have collaborated with Imperial_College iGEM team. For their project, they chose to develop a framework to engineer microbial communities, what is extremely relevant to our project. We collected some growth data over a range of pHs for Caulobacter and E.coli, which they can use to validate their developed A.L.I.C.E software for co-cultures.

All in all, this was a great year for hearing the experiences the international iGEM community. We heard a lot of interesting stories and a lot of great experiences are and really hoping that others in them iGEM community were able to hear ours. We hope to see those of you that collaborated with us at the Giant Jamboree and are able to build lasting networks between iGEM and the international community.

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