Team:CGU Taiwan/Attributions


(1) PI and Instructors:
Chao-Lan Yu participates in most of our activities and meetings, giving us lots of constructive advice. Guang-Wu Chen and Chi-Ching Lee give us clear and logical lectures and taught us basic concept of coding.

(2) Advisor:
Timothy Chan En Haw introduced the iGEM competition first to our university. With plenty of experience and enthusiasm, he gives us many advices and helps with wiki upload skills. Moreover, he gives us lots of McDonalds during the wiki freeze night!

(3) Wetlab:
biobrick design and construct

We thank for every PI of our university for experimental supplies. Design and construct of biobrick is mainly done by Chia-Wei Chang. And further western blotting experiment is carried out by Tzu-Chieh Liao, Yu-Chang Ku and Da-Li Yen.

Leishmania culture and electroporation technique

We appreciate the tutor by Chien-Wei Liao, Department of Molecular Parasitology and Tropical Diseases of Taipei Medical University, Kwang Poo Chang, Department of Microbiology and Immunology of Chicago Medical School, and Petrus Tang, professor of Chang Gung University for teaching us about Leishmania and experimental techniques. This part of experiment is mainly carried out by Yu-Chang Ku and Da-Li Yen from paper reading to testing the experimental conditions.

In vitro experiment

Jau-Song Yu, professor of our university, help us deal with co-immunoprecipitation and mass spectroscopy. Tzu-Chieh Liao is the one handle the in vitro experiment.

In vivo experiment

Jin-Chung Chen and Ming-Ling Kuo taught us cell culture, serum collection, ELISA and provide us B6 mice. This part of experiment is designed and done by Ying-Hsuan Lu and Justine Hsu.


Yu-Chang Ku, Yu-Yan Wang and Bin-Tse Lin took part in interlab experiment.

(4) Software and Modeling :
Our prediction platform is coded by Chien-Yu Hsu and Tzu-Chieh Liao. Starting from paper study, protein alignment, integrate protein databases to web page design.

(5) Demonstrate:
The demo of software video is made by Justine Hsu, Tzu-Li Liu, Chien-Yu Hsu, and Tzu-Chieh Liao.

(6) Human Practices:
We have been to Adimmune, Medigen, National Health Research institute, Chang Gung Memorial and Hospital Taiwan Immunization Vision and Strategy for further modifying our project. We thank for their professional advice and help us to think in various perceptions.
We also participated in Science Carnival held by National Taiwan Science Education Center. This activity gave us have a chance to introduce synthetic biology to public. Contact of every vaccine industries, company, and communication is mainly done by Yu-Yan Wang and Bin-Tse Lin.

(7) Art and Design:
Our logo, pictures used in wiki, banner and presentation is designed by Ying-Hsuan Lu, Min Lu, Chien-Yu Hsu, and Tzu-Chieh Liao. Tzu-Li Liu helps take photo of everybody.

(8) Wiki:
The web design is coding by Justine Hsu, Chien-Yu Hsu and Tzu-Chieh Liao. All of our team members write the content for wiki.

(9) Sponsor:
To accomplish our project and pay the registration fee, fundraising is very essential. We have been to biotechnology company, BOBC, IDT, GeneDireX and also in our university for fundraising.
CGU_Taiwan thanks for all other people involved in helping us.