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iGEM is a highly-cost competition, so that we have no choice but to go around canvassing and collect requisite capital for iGEM. There are four parts in our total budgetary, including registration fees, experimental costs, transportation & living expenses, and others. Our project will require extensive DNA work and large-scale antibody test. The required reagents count significant cost to our budget; the actual cost varies depending on the results and progress. Any remaining funds will go towards being used in personal registration fees to MIT (USA) Jamboree where we present our project, and living expenses later.

At first, we think how we could get subsidized by others? Then we wrote request letters for small donations and emailed them to the faculty of Chang Gung University and thousands and hundreds of biotech-associated or –unassociated companies. In the letter, we described, “your small donation will do help us achieve our goals and support the CGU iGEM team in the years to come. The desire to win glory for Taiwan impels our team to work more diligently. Finally, we are going to contribute to the world by our ultimate outcome.”

Additionally, we participated in the plenitude of seminars, lectures, and exhibitions, like Joint Annual Conference of Biomedical Science in Taiwan and numerous academic seminars held in the CGU, so that we could have a direct contact with managers or agents of the companies to ask them for assistance.