Team:CGU Taiwan/Collaborations


HUST iGEM team on Oct 18, 2016

We helped to fill in the questionnaire and made them find potential end-users of their product — Signal Filter. The link to the questionnaire.

Imperial iGEM team on Oct 14, 2106

We helped to searched for optimal growth conditions for microbial monocultures to provide an effective start-point to co-cultures.

Virginia iGEM team on Oct 6, 2016

We helped to fill in the survey about the awareness and use of biocontainment. And then we have interacted with them about the project sharing through Skype. The link to the survey.

Paris-Saclay team on Sep 27, 2016

We helped to fill in a form on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), in order to let them to know how the RRI principles have been respected. The link to the form form.

BGU iGEM team on Sep 6, 2016

We proposed some ideas like the improvement of image explicitness and humanitarian game speed on their dedicatedly-designed game in the aim of devising several approaches using synthetic biology tools for efficient plastic biodegradation using bacteria. The link to the game.

Xiamen iGEM team on Aug 25, 2016

We collaborated on the Newsletter articles about Human Practice with Xiamen iGEM team. The electronic book can be seen at down.

EPFL iGEM team on Aug 22, 2016

We turned out to be the targets of EPFL iGEM team’s reports during interviewers. They asked us several questions like “Can you describe your project in 30 seconds?” or “What is the first thing that pops into your mind when it comes to iGEM?” And what we answered can be seen at

BIT iGEM team on Jul 27, 2016

We worked together to build up the iGEM_UNION with the members mainly iGEM teams from China. And we discussed about possibility of team collaboration and any iGEM issues via the Internet.