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Personal Acknowledgements

We would like to acknowledge the work done by our team. James Gornet cloned the BioBricks, transformed P. putida, quantified the promoter library strength, and designed the wiki. Rachel Mintz orchestrated the human practices survey, implemented the keratinocyte experiments, planned the community outreach events, and designed moderately snazzy t-shirts. Jacky Cheung planned the collaborations with several other iGEM teams. Theresa Mensah designed the mice experiments and cloned RhlAB in to S. epidermidis. Vincent Liu designed the logo and implemented the freeze-dry experiments. Hudson Lee transformed P. putida and helped run the mosquito experiments. Kirsten Jung quantified the rhamnolipid output using several methods including SFC-MS, cloned RhlAB into P. putida, and run the mosquito experiments. Kaitlin Pet implemented both the mosquito and keratinocyte experiments.

Support from Principal Investigators and Mentors

We would like to thank the Principal Investigator Harris Wang for meeting with us on a weekly basis to discuss experimental findings, provide advice, and track our progress as well as offering his lab space for us to conduct experiments. We would like to thank Virginia Cornish for allowing us to utilize her lab space, equipment, and reagents to conduct purification and quantification experiments. Finally, we would like to thank Tal Danino for helping us hone our presentation.

We would like to thank our junior and senior mentors— Carlotta Ronda, Miguel Jimenez, Sonja Billerbeck, and Ross McBee—for continuously providing project feedback, finding helpful articles to hone our protocols, and helping us make connections with other scientists.

Prince Lab at Columbia University Medical Center

Dr. Prince kindly provided keratinocytes, human skin cells, for our experiments. She also supplied us with the proper cell media, antibiotics, cell culture plates, and flasks. Matthew Wickersham demonstrated proper cell culture techniques and answered any questions that arose during our experiments. He also provided us with a virulent strain of P. aeruginosa.

Marraffini Lab at Rockefeller University

Thank you to Wenyan Jian who provided us with strains of Staphylococcus epidermidis. He also sent us the protocol he uses for his experiments for Staphylococcus epidermidis.

Vosshall Laboratory at Rockefeller University

Thank you to the Leslie Vosshall for facilitating our purchase of mosquitoes. Isabel Gutierrez who drove Kaitlin Pet to pick up mosquitoes.

Fidock Laboratory at Columbia University Medical Center

Thank you to David Fidock for granting us access to cold rooms, warm rooms, and incubators. A special thank you to epidemiologist Kelly Rubiano for providing us with advice, recommending an experimental setup, and assisting with our protocol.