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Our team, including the PIs, are all volunteers and community members of Denver Biolabs. All of the work presented at the Jamboree, on our wiki, and the work done in our lab was a collaborative effort by all of our members. A special thanks to one of our team members, Kerry Vasboe-Peach, for taking our team photos and many of the photos on our wiki.

The fluorimeter and optical density sensor we built was based on a design by the 2014 Aachen iGEM team.

We relied on the DIY receptor design instructions created by TU-Delft's 2012 iGEM team.

We were inspired by a previous oxytocin project by the Lethbridge Canada 2013 iGEM team . We received their submitted oxytocin-neurophysin part from iGEM HQ and are working on improving and refining it.

We want to thank the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado State University 2016 iGEM teams for helping us with our Jamboree presentation, providing us with a solid protocol for CaCl2 competent cells, and sending us some DNA samples to experiment with producing our own enzymes.

We also want to thank the Phiel Lab at the University of Colorado Denver for supporting us with some consumables, the use of their nanodrop, and allowing us to use their fluorimeter to calibrate our DIY version.

Finally, we owe a huge thanks to the generosity of our sponsors: IDT, New England Biolabs, SnapGene, Dharmacon part of GE Healthcare, The ODIN, and Inworks. A special thanks goes to Inworks in particular for housing the Denver Biolabs lab, providing the mentorship of its staff and faculty, and use of their prototyping equipment to build our hardware. Thank you!



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