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Bronze Medal Requirements
--Registered our team, had a great summer, and are headed to the Giant Jamboree!
--Met deliverables: wiki, poster, presentation, registry pages, part submission, safety forms, and judging forms
--Created a page on our wiki giving Attributions for each aspect of our project
--Documented our yeast dryer on our Project Design page, and the parts we created on our Parts page

Silver Medal Requirements
--Validated our yeast dryer system on our Proof of Concept page
--Collaborated with other Colorado-based teams on presentations and outreach, documented on our Collaborations page
--Discussed how our team explored Human Practices in our project. Our project and our community outreach both address issues of social justice, sustainability, and ethics.

Gold Medal Requirements
--We improved upon the design of the the fluorimeter and optical density sensor by the 2014 Aachen iGEM team by refactoring and commenting their Arduino code, and redesigning the enclosure for the device
--We have demonstrated a working proof-of-concept of our yeast dryer, which we documented on our Proof of Concept page
--We will be bringing our yeast dryer, and several other open source biotools that we've built to the Giant Jamboree to demonstrate for the judges and participants!


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